Venezia-Reggiana: post match

April 1, 2024

At the end of Venezia-Reggiana, Day 31 of the Serie BKT 2023/24 championship, which finished with the result of 2-3, Venezia coach Paolo Vanoli and Jesse Joronen analyzed the match as follows.

Paolo Vanoli
"A real team should not get a comeback after going ahead by two goals, congratulations to Reggiana but we should take this defeat as a lesson. We must always look ahead, go to Ascoli and give a great performance. The break has nothing to do with it, if you want to chase a dream we cannot afford these missteps. We don't have the characteristics to manage the game, we must always play our game without relaxing mentally. Reggiana continued to play their game reacting to the goals they conceded with serenity and tranquility, we took a goal in the final minutes of the first half and we can't commit these carelessnesses. It had nothing to do with the changes, we started well and had put it on the right track the problem is that then we perhaps pulled the plug, turning the ball over more slowly and conceding a goal without reacting. We suffered a thrashing, sorry because in our house you should not lose a final like this, whoever makes fewer mistakes in this race comes first. After 2-0 we pulled the plug a bit and it's not the first time this has happened to us, definitely it's something we need to improve. From positive things and negative things you can take and learn something, I don't get down about a defeat and I'm not elated about a big win. The guys are very disappointed because they know what they are playing for, from here to the end there will be ups and downs and we will have to be good at handling them.“

Jesse Joronen
"At 2-0 we had to be better mentally, faster and keep the pace up with and without the ball. We are all angry about the result but now we have our heads on the next game in Ascoli. It takes great discipline and work to continue to stay on top. Maybe there was an accumulation of so many little things to improve today, all year we have been working to stay on top and we need to keep doing that."