Vanoli: “You have to make the most of every opportunity”

March 30, 2024

On the eve of the Day 31 of Serie B 2023/24, when Venezia will face Reggiana at Penzo stadium Monday at 15 CEST, the arancioneroverdi coach Paolo Vanoli analyzed the team's situation and the opponent.

“When you come back from the break you always want maximum concentration on the match that is the most important aspect, moreover Reggiana is a team that against the big ones always wants to show they can do well and has often put them in trouble. We will have to be good at playing the game carefully and being cynical in the opportunities that come our way. Eight games remain, four of them at home, and I hope our fans can fill the stadium to become our 12th man on the field and make a difference for us. In my playing career I have experienced firsthand the energy that a full stadium can give. Today we had open-door training precisely to get an extra charge from our people. During this break we put in the last heavy load of physical work ahead of the season finale. I see my guys aware of what they want to do, today they have become a real group and are ready then within each game there can be so many variables.

Jajalo is a coach on the field, he trained very well during the week and put even more gas in his body, we need players like him who can read the moments of the match. Today we have to be focused on ourselves, we all know we have a great chance in these last eight games that we have earned with work over time. Serie B you know it's up and down and you have to have balance from game to game. Having a virtually full roster at this stage of the season is crucial, I have always worked a lot with those who have played less because you need everyone for the good of the team. Reggiana is a team I like a lot, Nesta is doing a great job in assembling a team composed of different elements. It will be a game to be played with great attention, they have players with great legs in the restarts. I always study my opponents and respect them, but I want to think about my team, which has to be hungry to continue chasing the dream.“