Vanoli: “We are focused just on tomorrow’s match”

February 9, 2024

On the eve of the Day 24 of Serie B 2023/24, when Venezia will face Südtirol at Druso stadium tomorrow at 14:00 CEST, the arancioneroverdi coach Paolo Vanoli analyzed the team's situation and the opponent.

"Tomorrow will be a really difficult match, Südtirol is a bit of my 'black beast.' They are a team that approaches matches in a physical way and with a lot of aggression. They come from an important victory in Ascoli and will be very charged up. Serie B is a beautiful and challenging league because it is composed of teams with different styles of play and you have to be able to adapt to face them all. As of today I am only focused on my team and tomorrow's game against Südtirol. Between now and the end of the championship there are 45 points available, I told my guys that so far we have done very good and things and I don't want any alibi, we have to pursue our goals and dreams with ambition and humility because we are still in the running for all positions. We always want to focus on the positive things, we have to bring enthusiasm to our people. In a game there are also the opponents and the many variables that can happen but undoubtedly this is a great group that puts its heart and the right values into every game.

Everything you do is for the collective, when we lose I feel sorry for our fans because we would always like to give them joy. My job is to raise the level of the players I have at my disposal to create value for my club. Since I arrived this team has missed very few games, last year we were last in the standings and today we find ourselves with 41 points, anyone would have put their signature on it. The chatter is carried away by the wind, it's the results that count and I always repeat this to the boys. My enthusiasm and attention to detail are dictated by ambition, and that's the same concept I want to pass on to my boys.“