Südtirol-Venezia: post match

February 10, 2024

At the end of Südtirol-Venezia, Day 24 of the Serie BKT 2023/24 championship, which finished with the result of 0-3, Venezia coach Paolo Vanoli and Joel Pohjanpalo analyzed the match as follows.

Paolo Vanoli
"We played a great game with a new system of play, I give kudos to my boys who took the change well. We grew in the mental aspect, we know that when you go up against teams that struggle you have to stay focused to the maximum to bring home the three points. We still have to grow, we know what our path is and we continue with our work. In the second half they turned up the pressure a bit and we made some changes to settle well on the field. I like to try something new, today those who came in did very well. Pierini can become the needle of the scales for us in this second phase of the season because in this form he can play different positions. These guys don't have to prove anything, they have been growing steadily since they have been here and they have such qualities that they can surprise. The skill of a coach is to understand all the characteristics of the players you have at your disposal and then put them in the best conditions to make the most of them.“

Joel Pohjanpalo
"Great performance by the team against a very tough opponent. We had a great first half, scoring the lead goal and defending well. For a stretch of the game they put high pressure on us but we didn't disband and we kept the goal untouched by dropping a bit and staying very focused defensively. Definitely the expulsion changed the game because it left us more space to restart on the counterattack and we managed to score the two goals that ended the game. Here I made my debut with the Venezia jersey and I had a good memory of this stadium. Next Sunday we have a match against a difficult opponent like Modena, the two fans have a special bond and we hope it will be a good match for us. Great to see so many people present from Venice to support us, we know their support is not taken for granted and we really appreciate it. We look forward to seeing the Curva Sud full once again for the next game.“