Pierini: "We built this path through our sacrifice"

March 28, 2024

This morning, attacker Nicholas Pierini spoke at the press conferenze in VFC headquarter Ca’ Venezia:

“The system of play is not important, every player takes the field to put his qualities and make his contribution for the team. At the beginning of the season no one set promotion as our goal, there are teams built to win the championship, but we have built this path for ourselves with hard work and sacrifice, and it is right that we are now playing it to the end. The team is aware of its value, we had a good base from last year and we had the goal of improving our results. We want to face these last eight finals with the goal of staying up there. In this league it can happen to lose against the last in the standings and win against the first, we have to take one game at a time without making predictions.

Those who understand soccer know that to win you need all the players, there are those who score goals and there are those who work to open spaces for their teammates for example; individuals do not make a difference but team compactness does. I think this is my best season so far in B, I am happy that people and the Coach perceive the sacrifice I make for the team, I am very generous on the field it is part of my character. In the first leg against Reggiana we had a good performance, unfortunately the defeat had also come because of episodes that change the fate of a game. We know they are a dangerous team that has put many big teams in trouble and when you come back from the break it is never easy, we will have to be careful.“