Mister Vanoli’s press conference

June 1, 2024

On the eve of the 2023/24 Serie B Playoff final second leg, which will see Venezia take on Cremonese at the Stadio Penzo tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., Aranioneroverde coach Paolo Vanoli analyzed the team's momentum and the opponent.

“I think there is no advantaged team given the result of the first leg, there will definitely be a bit more tactical in this return match. We will have to be perfect and control everything in our hands, I will tell my boys to give a great performance as throughout the season. We will have to express our beautiful soccer, pushed by our audience, without thinking about the result. The boys were outstanding, the mental effort was great because playing a final with so many cautions was not easy ahead of the return leg and it shows great maturity. When you get to this point in the season, it means that the two best teams have made it to the bottom. The difference can also be made by the individual in games like this, in the end there will be a winner and a loser but I always look ahead, I told the boys that they must be proud of what they have done but never settle. Having reached this point I don't think there are any surprises at the tactical level, every coach has his own clear idea of the game. Clearly in the course of the game the more we go on and the tactical situation could change as the game goes on and there you have to be good at understanding what happens.
They are lucky to have a strong, complete and experienced roster, but we have always shown that we are not inferior to anyone, even when we have met very strong teams. The beauty of how we have worked in this year and a half is that we have created a real group, to see Marco Modolo giving advice to his department mates for example is very nice. This is a final out of two games, so there is also the atmosphere of the stadium that changes things a lot. When you go to play away there is the opposing crowd that pushes their team and allows them to bring out that extra something and the skill of the guys was to be able to handle those moments. At home the situation is reversed, I am convinced that our fans will push us and intimidate the others as is normal. The psychological aspects are important, no pre-tactics tomorrow, as I said even in the previous Playoff games we have to gather the positive and negative things we have gone through throughout the season, treasure them and put our qualities on the field. My team has to be like an orchestra, everyone has to play the same score, each with his own instruments and qualities.”