Gytkjaer: “In moments like these, mentality makes the difference”

May 8, 2024

This morning, attacker Christian Gytkjaer spoke at the press conferenze in VFC headquarter Ca’ Venezia:

"We live this week with serenity and tranquility, we have nothing to lose and we are ready. Keeping a certain balance in important moments like this is fundamental, we have to prepare as we have done throughout the season and work in the same way that led us to have an opportunity like this. Two years ago with Monza we missed the last game against Perugia that could have given us direct promotion so I know the pressure that Como can have at this moment, we have to be good at thinking about our game and win, then we will see because these are things that we cannot control and we cannot waste energy on this. At the end of the year the legs maybe turn a little less and so now the head comes into play which is a fundamental aspect and makes the difference.

In every season and for all teams there are regrets, but in Serie B it is very difficult to have a perfect season without ever losing points. All teams are very good and very troublesome, so we just have to be proud of what we have done so far, which for Venice is a historic achievement, but clearly we all dream. We have gone beyond expectations, but in soccer there is never time to think about these things, you just have to focus on the next game. I expect a tough game, Spezia needs points, however, we are ready to face this challenge. We can't lose focus on our game, we have to go on the field and think about winning. We have a chance to take advantage of all the great work that has been done this year, let's move forward without fear.“