Cremonese-Venezia post match

May 30, 2024

At the end of Cremonese-Venezia, Serie BKT Playoff semifinal 2023/24, which finished with the result of 0-0, Venezia coach Paolo Vanoli and Christian Gytkjaer analyzed the match as follows.

Paolo Vanoli
"Today playing with eight disqualified players on the field was not easy, I congratulated the boys for the effort they put in. To come out without any disqualifications at the end of a game against a great team like Cremonese is a work of art by my team. On Sunday we are lucky enough to play in front of our home crowd who will surely push us but it will be a game of its own. We will have to be good at keeping our concentration as well as our playing philosophy. As a great team, we have to go on the field to win on Sunday as I had also said after the Palermo match. We cannot manage the result, maximum attention and think about recovering our energy. The boys have reached a certain maturity and managed the match well also from the mental aspect, now there are ninety minutes left and they are still wide open. We certainly made some technical mistakes and this is something we need to improve on ahead of Sunday, where we will find a great atmosphere. Our public is giving us so much and we on the field are trying to repay their support. In the first part of last year we managed to regain their trust, and now it is our fans who are pushing us.”

Christian Gytkjaer
“In soccer you always have to fight, especially in Serie B which is a difficult league. Our fans are fantastic, I live in Venice and I see their smiling faces every day cheering us on, they really care about the team and we hope we can give them all a great joy on Sunday as well. I am ready, we know that these games are dirty and tough until the last second, we will believe until the end. I am always at the disposal of the Coach and the team, in the locker room you can feel serenity and determination, we have worked a year to experience matches like these. At home in front of our public will be a different kind of competition, everything changes for us. Now is the time to talk little and work hard.”