Serie B 22/23: Venezia - Südtirol postmatch

January 21, 2023

In Giornata 21 of the 2022/23 Serie B season, Südtirol overcame Venezia 0-1 at Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo. The team's pressing was not enough against Pierpaolo Bisoli's men, who closed the game with captain Fabian Tait's goal in the 76th minute.

Venezia manager Paolo Vanoli and midfielder Mato Jajalo spoke to the press after the match.

Paolo Vanoli:

“We were far too passive in the first half, and we should not look for excuses: Südtirol played well, while we need to investigate our shortcomings. We should have had more individual cues, especially in man-to-man marking. The game had to be played with patience, but perhaps we did not have the necessary mindset to finalize the opportunities we developed.

We have to raise our heads, today's was not the last resort, but I talked to the team: from here until the end, we have to fight for every single point, no matter how small. We have to better understand the dynamics of the game: we knew that Südtirol would be able to capitalize on even a single chance, and they did. Now we have to think about Cittadella and give courage to this team.”

Mato Jajalo:

“I don't want to think about my individual performance, because right now only collective results matter. Each of us has to look at ourselves, aware of the mistakes we have made and eager to improve. We have to bring out the mentality needed to get out of this situation. We played well until the last 25 meters, however, we need to shoot more, both in the box and outside the box.

In my experience, I have been in similar moments before, and I know how useless it is to point fingers at each other: it is necessary to stick together. I expected a difficult match against Südtirol, a squad that is making many teams suffer: they developed their game, and they did it very well. In circumstances like these, we need more than ever the help of our fans, from whom we ask for patience and support.”