Anna Quaglio: “We want to encourage little girls to approach this sport”

May 24, 2023

Having always trained in the ranks of Venezia, first among the juniors and then in the women's first team, Anna Quaglio has become a veteran and pillar of the orange and green defensive department. The 2002-born recounts her path in the world of football.

"I was born and raised in Venice, on the island, and my journey in sports is closely linked to the colors of this city. I started playing at the age of eight, with a boy's team, and it was not easy: I had to face the prejudices of the coaches, who did not want to train me, but I soon overcame this and found acceptance and respect. I transitioned to a women's team, already affiliated with Venice, around the age of 16: I have been wearing these colors, in all their forms, for six years now.

This year we have grown a lot from a technical and tactical point of view, and I think it has been noticeable throughout the season: even last Sunday, in the derby, we overturned the result starting from a disadvantage, without letting it discourage us. The next big goal is the final of the Coppa Italia Serie C, for which we have been preparing for a long time with passion and dedication, also using the league commitments to get there as best we can. We will play the final with our heads held high, as a real team, with the conviction that we can deliver so much.

For all of us it was a source of pride to know that FIFA chose Venice for the Italian leg of the Trophy Tour, even more so for the invitation received by our club to participate. Hearing the words of the ownership at the event, which demonstrate the enormous investment and support that Venezia FC Femminile enjoys, also gives us hope for the expansion of women's football in Italy: for our part, with our achievements we aim to bring more and more little girls approaching this beautiful sport.”